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Brooklyn Apple Strore is now open for business

Posted by admin 88 days ago General — Last week, we told you that Apple would be opening its first Brooklyn based Apple Store today, and so it did. Located at the corner of North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue, the newest of Apple's retail locations unlocked its doors this afternoon as a large number of Apple fans quickly filled the store. In the back, a large video screen displayed Apple's products while customers sat on cubes that t Read More
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Apple's Lightning enabled EarPods star in new video?

Posted by admin 88 days ago General — A couple of days ago, we showed you the video of an adapter that converts an earphone with a 3.5mm male plug into one with a Lightning connector. The source of the video claimed that this part came directly from iPhone assembler Foxconn, and would be placed inside the box of every new Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus sold. As you probably know by now, those two new iPhone models are expecte Read More
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Instead of buying a burger, you can spend $1 to buy the AT&T Trek 2 HD tablet

Posted by admin 88 days ago General — Sure, you can spend that last dollar in your wallet for a greasy burger that has the consistency of a hockey puck. Or, you could buy the AT&T Trek 2 HD Tablet. With a signed two-year pact, you can buy the unit for that same buck you were going to use at Mickey D's. Or, you can use an equipment installment plan and purchase the tablet for $150 spread out over 20 months (paying $7.50 a month).T Read More
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Kanye West has message for Tim Cook: "stop trying to act like you Steve"

Posted by admin 88 days ago General — Exactly one month ago, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple was talking to Jay Z's guys about an acquisition of  music streamer Tidal. By all accounts, the hip hop artist happens to be a brilliant businessman, and such a deal would only serve to add to that legend. Wall Streeter Gene Munster says that it will take $500 million of Apple's cash hoard to pry the music streaming service o Read More
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Motorola Moto Z Play poses for pictures

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — Images of the unannounced Motorola Moto Z Play have surfaced today. This model is expected to be the cheapest of the Moto Z handsets. Earlier this month, a picture that allegedly showed the bottom of the phone revealed that it will feature a 3.5mm earphone jack unlike the other Moto Z models. The Moto Z Play's siblings are the Motorola Moto Z and the Motorola Moto Z Force.  The Moto Z Play i Read More
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Huawei sets record sales target for 2016, to open 15,000 new retail shops worldwide

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — After announcing a 40% rise in sales revenue for the first half of 2016, Huawei has now revealed its sales target for the year. The company plans to sell a whopping 140 million smartphones in 2016, and in order to achieve this goal, it is reportedly ready to open as many as 15,000 new retail stores worldwide.Huawei sold 108 million smartphones last year, which means that if the current estimates Read More
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Early build of Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI v5.0 leaks out on the Huawei P9

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — The Huawei P9 is one of those new phones that have that stylish look and fast performance to really impress, and all of that is offered at a price slightly lower than that of your traditional Samsung and Apple flagships.Now, a very early build of Huawei's Emotion UI, or EMUI 5.0, working on top of the newest Android 7.0 Nougat has leaked, and it shows quite a few visual changes. Most importantly, Read More
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Apple Watch 2 rumored to have a "one glass solution" to make it thinner

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — We've been hearing essentially since the original Apple Watch was announced that Apple would be making a concerted effort to make its second generation smartwatch thinner. At 10.5mm, the Apple Watch isn't really too thick compared to other popular smartwatches, but we all know Apple has device dysmorphia issues.Now, we're getting a bit of info on how Apple intends to make the Watch 2 thinner with Read More
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Oppo F1s render appears, includes the 16MP selfie snapper

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — Recently, we told you that the Oppo F1s would be unveiled at an event taking place on Wednesday, August 3rd. What sets this handset apart from others is the 16MP front-facing camera which can be used to snap selfies. The rear camera on the unit also weighs in at 16MP. And unlike earlier models from the manufacturer (like the Oppo N3), this is not accomplished through the use of one camera module Read More
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Apple asks the Supreme Court to rule in its favor regarding computation of damages awarded by a jury

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — Apple filed a legal brief with the Supreme Court today, related to the legal battles the company has had with rival Samsung over the last 5 years. Apple accused Samsung of infringing on a number of patents related to the Apple iPhone, and was awarded over $1 billion by a jury in August 2012. Over the subsequent years, the amount of the award was whittled down to $548 million which Samsung was ord Read More
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Superbook Android laptop shell passes $1 million in Kickstarter funding

Posted by admin 89 days ago General — The idea of creating a way to use a smartphone as a laptop is one that has endured for years but has never been done terribly well. That hasn't stopped manufacturers trying and consumers getting excited about a new product that looks like it could be the real deal. The latest in that line is the Superbook shell that can turn your Android phone into a laptop.The idea of the Superbook is simple: it Read More
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